Friday, July 29, 2011

Pool Time

Today I am off to the Astoria Pool with a couple of friends. I can not wait to dive into the water. It is just my luck that it's a bit overcast today but that won't stop me. Even if it is as busy as the image below it will be so nice to cool off in the water with the view of Manhattan across the East River.

 Image Credit: Daniel Avila

Here are some of my pool essentials...

1. Panama Hat
2. Missoni Beach Towel (in my dreams)
3. Prism Puerto Viejo Bikini Top with Uluwatu Bikini Bottom
4. Havaianas Flip-flops*
5. Supergoop! SPF 30+ Everyday Spray
6. J.Crew Ikat Tunic

*Being Australian my first instinct is to write thongs here, but I realise that means something completely different in the US so I stuck to the more neutral name.

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