Thursday, March 31, 2011

East to West

Last week I tagged along with my fiancée on his work trip to LA. We stayed for the weekend and while the weather wasn't what I had hoped for - I envisioned myself sun-baking on a lounge by the pool - it was still great to escape the bitter cold that has been New York this winter.

Don't get me wrong I love New York, but there is just something about LA that I adore. Maybe it's the fact that I'm Australian and there is something about LA that reminds me of home. It's more than the proximity to the ocean, there is a feeling as well, it's something I can't quite put my finger on.

Santa Monica

 Santa Monica looking toward Malibu

The ocean helps though. I could stare at water for hours on end, not really thinking about anything. It's my happy place. When I was doing my final exams at school, I would take study breaks at the beach as it's so calming to me. After an hour watching the waves I felt refreshed and ready to conquer my exams.

Dume Cove, Malibu 

I just love the chilled out relaxed vibe of LA. Whatever its negatives, from the beach to the hills it really is a beautiful place.

The Hollywood Hills 

PS. Yes, I'm slightly obsessed with the diorama photo mode on my camera and have used it in all these shots!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Travelling Along

I love to travel and living in New York means that I am that much closer to the rest of the world than I was back home in Australia. I want to make the most of this by doing as much travel as possible. Last year, I hardly travelled at all. This year I plan to see much more of the United States. I am embarrassed to say that the only other cities I have visited are Chicago, Boston and LA. While I love each of these places, there are so many more I want to see. New Orleans is at the top of my list, then San Francisco, Miami, Austin, The Carolina's, Montana, Colorado, the list is endless. Any other suggestions?

New Orleans French Quarter
Image Credit

As well as travlelling domestically through the U.S, I also want to see more of the world. That's why I'm loving my new passport wallet from Kate Spade. It is the perfect accessory to not only travel chic, but it also protects my passport, which I plan on giving a beating over the next couple of years.

Kate Spade, Harrison Street Metallic Passport Holder, $65.00

Monday, March 21, 2011

The First Post

Hello and welcome to the very first post of my very new blog.

I have been wanting to start a blog for over a year now and struggled with the thought that maybe no one would read it. Finally I have decided that I will take the plunge into sharing my thoughts, feelings, loves and finds with whoever - if anyone - wants to read it. To those who don't, no hard feelings; to those who do, I thank you.

Now, a little about me...
I am a 27 year old from Australia...
I currently live in New York. I moved here with my fiancée over a year ago and we plan to be here for a few more years at least...
I am just mildly [read: a lot] obsessed with the topics of fashion, home decoration and food...
I am completely obsessed with organising everything and am trying to figure out how I can turn this into my new career.

Thanks for reading,