Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snapshots of London

We had a great five days in London over the Thanksgiving long weekend. It was a flying visit but we still managed to pack in a lot of sightseeing and partying with friends. The weather was unseasonably warm in London for this time of year (much like New York has been), so we got to get out and explore without freezing our backsides off.

The architecture, the traditions and the history of this city is simply awe-inspiring. We saw so much and yet didn't get around to so much too. I guess it gives us the perfect excuse to get back again. Here are some pictures of what we saw while in London...

Various monuments at Trafalgar Square

Buckingham Palace

St. James Park, stunning autumn colours

Westminster Abbey

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament (as viewed from the London Eye)

London Eye

The top of St. Paul's Cathedral

Tower Bridge and the Tower of London

A special thank you also to our fabulous hosts, Tim and Sarah, who not only put us up but who also gave us a fantastic tour of the city. We can't wait to return the favour in New York!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Travel in Style

1. J.Crew Sweater
2. Barton Perreira Glasses
3. Gap Scarf
4. J.Crew Socks
5. DKNY Tote
6. UO Loafers
7. J Brand Jeans
8. Alexander Wang T-shirt

I am off to London tonight with the husband, to visit some friends and take advantage of the extra long weekend due to Thanksgiving. When I am flying I like to dress comfortably but without looking like I just rolled out of bed. When flying overnight as we will be, this is especially important.

Now, for the plane travel thought process... I am someone who wears jeans all the time and flying is no exception. I put on my most comfortable pair and I am as happy as if I were wearing leggings (which I only wear for exercise - I am one of those leggings are not pants people). I also like to wear a comfortable t-shirt and a warm cardigan that I can put on or take off depending on the temperature on the plane (I usually freeze). Then I pull my hair up, make sure I have a clean face and settle in for the journey.

My other necessities include a big bag that I can throw everything into, including magazines, books and a big warm scarf. When travelling for longer than four or five hours I need to ditch the contacts and pull out the specs, unless I want to land with irritated red eyes. Oh and I always take socks in my carry on, admittedly mine are special compression ones otherwise my feet and ankles triple in size. But socks are also great to keep your feet warm when the shoes come off.


On a special note, this is my one hundredth blog post. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and who leaves lovely comments when you have seen something you enjoyed. It is something I started not knowing where it would lead (and truth be told I still don't), but I am enjoying doing it and I hope you enjoy reading it too! 
x Kate

Monday, November 21, 2011

Wedding Details

I got my wedding photos over the weekend so thought I would share a few of the details that made up my look for the day...

I got my dress from Gabriella New York Bridal Salon and had the best experience. They were so sweet and nice, and made getting a dress so much fun. I chose an Amy Kuschel gown which I absolutely love. The original line of the dress was more of a baby doll, which is not a very flattering silhouette, so I opted to add a sparkly belt to not only change the line of the dress but to also jazz it up a little. The belt I chose was also by Amy Kuschel. All together it was a little Grecian goddess and I loved it.

I debated whether to wear a veil or not on the blog and in the end decided to go with wearing one for the ceremony only. I also added a flower hairpiece that I made myself using the fabric off-cuts from my gown (I had to redesigned the back of the dress to accommodate the belt and so had a fair bit of fabric to spare). I wore the headpiece all day, even with my veil.

My jewellery was a mixture of pieces including earrings from Jewelmint, which were such a bargain and looked like a million dollars. I was also very touched to be allowed to carry my late grandmother's hanky with me on the day. She carried it with her on the day that she married my grandfather, so it was very special to me.

It was the best day and I am so happy with how everything came together.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Decades Past

Images via Pinterest and Trendy Decor

Images via Victoria Beckham on and Ouno Design

Images via Tommy Ton on and Elle Decor

Sometimes when I am feeling uninspired by the looks on the runway or in magazines, I like to look back at trends of the years gone past, as inevitably they will come around again. This goes for both fashion and home interiors. And it not just about looking back at what people wore or how they decorated their homes in that time period, it's also looking at how people in the present translate these trends to make them modern. 

The above images are a few examples of how trends from the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's have been translated to make them fit for the 2010's. I especially love the home interior images, what do you think?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


All Images from Pinterest

Maybe its just the time of year but lately I have found myself obsessing over big statement necklaces. I want them in every colour, metal type and variation. I have a couple of nice statement necklaces but they lack something (or maybe I am just bored with them). I have been trawling the internet and above are some of my favourite finds. What do you think, do you like to wear big bauble jewels?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Get the Look

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a fairly casual dresser. It takes a pretty special mood for me to get out of my jeans and into a dress and heels. I think that is why the below outfit appeals to me so much. It is so casual and yet there are heels involved which makes it a little more fun, even if they are casual too!

 Image from

Where to Get the Look...
J.Crew shirt
J Brand jeans
Ralph sunglasses
J.Crew necklace and bracelet 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Plum Pout

Image from Exude Lipstick

Plum lipstick is something that I have been loving this fall. It all started watching the Rachel Zoe Project and seeing her perfect plum pout. Inspired, I have been on the hunt for the perfect plum shade.  I have found a Revlon one that I quite like, but I think I am going to have to jump on Zoe's bandwagon and try the Exude brand (which she is the ambassador for). Here are some of my picks to achieve the perfect plum lip, including Rachel Zoe's favourite from Exude...

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Bar is Open

Thanks to some very generous wedding gifts (which I am in the process of writing thank you cards for) we finally have a bar set up in our apartment. I have previously mentioned my love of bars here, so am very excited to finally have set one up. Size played a massive factor in the type of bar we chose. That's the way it is when your dining room is shared with the living room, such is life in New York.

We are not big spirit drinkers, as evidenced by our lack of spirits in the 'bar', but we do love entertaining and having a place where all our entertaining needs are contained together. The cabinet is filled with all our glasses, carafes and serving bowls, while on top we have the booze, openers and mixing utensils.

It still needs a little tweaking (and we need to fill the decanter) but we are very happy with how it has turned out. Now, time to plan a party!

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wonders Never Cease

I think I am a little slow on this one but I am in love with Sally Hansen's Salon Effects nail polish strips. As someone who is challenged in the area of do-it-yourself nail polish I am thrilled with the results of this quick and easy to use product. It's as easy as peel, stick and go. Well almost.

I love the fact that there is zero drying time (that is what always kills my D.I.Y. mani) and the fact that you can get all sorts of prints as well as solid nail colours. I particularly love the gold glitter effect I used on my nails. Only time will tell with how long it lasts but considering I have made it through one day without damage, I am already ahead of my usual at home manicure success (or lack of).

Have you used this product before, what did you think? If not, will you give it a try?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

See My Vest

Images 1, 2 & 4, Pinterest; Image 3, Zara; Image 5, Revolve; and Image 6, See Jane

This autumn there is one item I just cannot get out of my head - a fur gilet. I can think of so many ways to wear one and now I simply must find one of my very own, faux of course! I have been looking all over the internet to find one and while my favourite option is the sold out BB Dakota version sold at Revolve, I think I might have to pop into Zara and check out the quality of theirs (the image above looks a little dodgy). Fingers crossed I will be walking out with a new vest.

Monday, November 7, 2011


I stumbled across this title while perusing the design books at a shop in SoHo over the weekend. The name resonated with me instantly, and then when I pulled the book from the shelves I new I had found a name for my interior decorating philosophy, undecorate.

The simple concept that by not following the rules of design (of which I am not trained) you can create a stunning and inviting space that is just what YOU want it to be. A space that works for YOU and YOUR lifestyle and not one that is cookie cutter one size fits all.

I have become even happier to discover that the author, designer Christiane Lemieux, has an online store called Dwell Studio. A place where you can find the most amazing furniture and decor items as well as bedding and all sorts of things for babies and kids. Below are some of the things on my if-money-were-no-object list...
All images from Dwell Studio

How you you describe your design philosophy? Does the idea of undecorating resonate with you?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Honeymoon in Paradise

With my new husband (I'm not naked, I promise)

Today I thought I would share some honeymoon pics with you. We went to the Hawaiian island of Kauai and stayed at the Koa Kea Resort, which is everything great about a resort with none of the bad (the pictures on their website don't do this place justice - it is gorgeous). The sunsets, the ocean, the marine life, the canyons and the [painful] hike to an amazing waterfall - there really wasn't anything that we didn't love about our time on Kauai.

One of the many lookouts at the Waimea Canyon

The stunning Waimea Canyon

On top of the Canyon with the fog rolling in

A lookout near Hanalei Bay

Kilauea Lighthouse

The Napali Coast as viewed from the first leg of the Kalalau trail

Looking through to Hanakapi'ai Beach

Almost at the halfway point and feeling good 
(I wasn't feeling so good with a mile to go on the steep uphill return trip)

The halfway point, the Hanakapi'ai Falls with its refreshing freshwater pool

Hundreds of dolphins surrounded our catamaran, it was quite an amazing sight

The view from the Napali Coast

Enjoying the sunset after a day of getting my tan on

One of many beautiful sunsets

Toasting the end of another beautiful day with an ice cold beer

And what we were faced with on our return to New York - yes that's right, snow!

Looking back at these photos I really hope I can get back there one day - just amazing!