Thursday, July 14, 2011

Favourite Things

Here are a selection of my favourite things right now....


From top to bottom: 

West Elm Allegra Hicks Wave pillow covers
I don't own these (yet) but they are such gorgeous cushion covers I am sure I can find room for them on our lounge.

Aldo Iveans Wedges 
A new purchase (on sale), I cannot wait to take these babies for a walk.

Jewelmint Farrah Necklace
Another new purchase, I love gold chains and this one has a great 70's vibe.

Pedestal Tray Set
I love this tray set. I found it reading through my favourite blogs one day. It not only keeps my jewellery and perfume organised but is also looks lovely on my dresser.

New York House Numbers & Transit Guide Map
I purchased this map in Sydney and have it by the front door of our apartment in New York. It not only looks good but it is also functional when I am running our the door not sure which direction I am going in.

I love this rug, it is made out of fabric scraps. Up close you can see all the different prints and colours but from far away it just looks like multicoloured stripes. It was very affordable too (although I don't think they sell it any more).

YSL Parisienne Perfume
I bought this to wear on my wedding day. I have hidden it in the back of my closet so I don't use it and so far I have been pretty controlled. I have only broken and worn it once. Can't wait to make it a staple after the wedding.

Neutrogena Body Oil
A new find, I bought this body oil to try and combat my dry over-exposed summer skin. I am not going to lie, I love a tan but I need to make sure I look after my skin as it is quick to dry out when I have seen too much sun.

Queen's Wardrobe Lovely Wave Shorts
These shorts are my absolute favourite. I would wear them everyday if I could. They can be dressed up and dressed down and they go with almost everything in my closet. I love them.

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