Monday, July 25, 2011

Packing Up

With the impending travel back to Australia for our wedding, I am starting to look at luggage options that look chic as well as being practical. We have two flights to get home, then I have an internal flight to visit family and then we are back to New York after a stopover in Hawaii for our honeymoon. It's a month of travel and with the wedding in the middle I am already hoping that I will be able to pack smart enough for this trip. Due to the different climates and Melbourne's unpredictable weather at that time of year, I am very concerned, packing light is not my strongest skill.

I came accross this bag on Pinterest, its the Virginia Johnson Sack Luggage 2 and you can find it at Beklina (this website has some seriously gorgeous finds). I am in love with it, although at $310 I am not going to be rushing out to buy it any time soon. The hunt will continue as I really do need a large carry-on bag so that I can get everything I need back to Australia with me.

What do you think, gorgeous right?

1 comment:

  1. That IS a great bag! I really like the teal one. Virginia Johnson makes some amazing scarves too.