Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Honeymoon in Paradise

With my new husband (I'm not naked, I promise)

Today I thought I would share some honeymoon pics with you. We went to the Hawaiian island of Kauai and stayed at the Koa Kea Resort, which is everything great about a resort with none of the bad (the pictures on their website don't do this place justice - it is gorgeous). The sunsets, the ocean, the marine life, the canyons and the [painful] hike to an amazing waterfall - there really wasn't anything that we didn't love about our time on Kauai.

One of the many lookouts at the Waimea Canyon

The stunning Waimea Canyon

On top of the Canyon with the fog rolling in

A lookout near Hanalei Bay

Kilauea Lighthouse

The Napali Coast as viewed from the first leg of the Kalalau trail

Looking through to Hanakapi'ai Beach

Almost at the halfway point and feeling good 
(I wasn't feeling so good with a mile to go on the steep uphill return trip)

The halfway point, the Hanakapi'ai Falls with its refreshing freshwater pool

Hundreds of dolphins surrounded our catamaran, it was quite an amazing sight

The view from the Napali Coast

Enjoying the sunset after a day of getting my tan on

One of many beautiful sunsets

Toasting the end of another beautiful day with an ice cold beer

And what we were faced with on our return to New York - yes that's right, snow!

Looking back at these photos I really hope I can get back there one day - just amazing!

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