Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To Veil or Not to Veil?

That is the question. With my wedding fast approaching I am nearing crunch time to decide if I want to wear a veil or not. I always thought that I would go sans veil but after trying one on with my dress at my first fitting I am now starting to rethink the veil situation.

Here are my options...

No Veil



Birdcage Veil

Finger-tip Veil

Lace-edged Veil

Chapel Length Veil

Cathedral Length with Blusher Veil

What do you think, veil or no veil? What did you or do you think you will wear to your wedding?

Image Credits: Style me Pretty and A Cup of Joe


  1. Ok, I think it depends on the place and style of your wedding... and specially ont he dress.

    I initially wanted a birdcage veil when I thought I was gonna get married in short dress... My thoughts changed to long dress so I had to sell the cute birdcage veil which I had (prematurely I admit it) purchased...

    I ended up going sans veil because it was a casual-chic wedding, on the beach, and I didn't think it would have been necessary... so there was no point to spend 300 dollars on something I was gonna wear 20 minutes...

    But if your wedding is more formal, in a church, and your dress allows it, then I would definitely do the veil. I would rather go for a Cathedral length without any lace or border but that's my personal taste...

    Good luck!

    PS: Do you have your dress?

  2. Finger tip with lace edge.........R x

  3. Love, I thought I'd never veil it either, but then I tried one on and I loved it.

    I had a number of issues with said veil though
    1) I caught it in the zip of the dress bag and ripped it about a week out from our wedding, thus requiring another veil.. 2) It was a very windy evening and it blew off my melon at the reception, onto the roof, never to be see again!

    In saying that though, I'm very happy I went with a veil because I think they can be beautiful.. Personal pref - long veils and the lace ones are lovely.

    Good luck x

  4. i LOVED my veil, but you need to go with your gut, and it has to suit the dress....good luck i can't wait to see pics miss Kate xx