Friday, November 11, 2011

The Bar is Open

Thanks to some very generous wedding gifts (which I am in the process of writing thank you cards for) we finally have a bar set up in our apartment. I have previously mentioned my love of bars here, so am very excited to finally have set one up. Size played a massive factor in the type of bar we chose. That's the way it is when your dining room is shared with the living room, such is life in New York.

We are not big spirit drinkers, as evidenced by our lack of spirits in the 'bar', but we do love entertaining and having a place where all our entertaining needs are contained together. The cabinet is filled with all our glasses, carafes and serving bowls, while on top we have the booze, openers and mixing utensils.

It still needs a little tweaking (and we need to fill the decanter) but we are very happy with how it has turned out. Now, time to plan a party!

Enjoy your weekend!