Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wellness Wednesday

Image: Townvibe

In honour of the study that I am about to begin next week in nutrition and health, I have decided to dedicate a post each week to healthy diet and lifestyle pursuits. Enter Wellness Wednesday. Each week I will share my learning in health and offer recipes and ideas that you can try at home. I am really excited about this new chapter I am beginning and feel that it will lead to a much more fulfilling and rewarding career. 

To kick things off, I want to share why it is so important to me to buy organic (as much as possible). Processed and genetically modified foods make me so mad. Not even fruits and vegetables are safe from genetic meddling. The problem with foods that have been genetically modified is that they are not broken down by your body in the same way and can lack some of the vital nutrients your body needs. Add the fact that genetically modified foods have been linked to cancer. Then there is the link with genetically modified foods and the increasing rates of severe food allergies in children. Reason enough to steer clear of the GMO's, I should think.

I understand that buying organic is expensive and therefore isn't realistic for everyone, but it really is important to be selective about the food you are buying. Avoid processed food as much as possible. Try visiting a farmer's market and talking with the actual farmers who are supplying the food. This can often end up being a much cheaper alternative than the regular supermarkets anyway.

I believe in everything in moderation, but to be honest you really have to be putting in good fuel 98% of the time or your health starts to suffer. It may not seem like much but cutting out processed and genetically modified foods can literally add years to your life.


  1. Wow! Congratulations on the career change Kate! I am so proud of you for pursuing something you are passionate about. I love your idea of sharing your learnings with us 'It Started In New York' followers. Thanks for the brilliant advice. I need to think more carefully about what I eat. I am looking forward to next Wellness Wednesday. xoxoxo

  2. Much more my thing! Who needs fashion anyway (says the man with the barefeet and trackpants on)...