Thursday, July 26, 2012

Montana 2.0

 (Yes, signs like this do make me very nervous!) 

We were lucky enough to get to travel back to Montana over the past week. Man I love that place. We had such a fabulous time. Catching up with old friends, making new friends and getting to spend more time up in Glacier National Park (of which I have share some of my favourite photos above).

The reason we were in Montana was for the wedding of our good friends. Let me just say, it was probably (definitely) the most amazing wedding I've ever been to. You know the kind of wedding you see in Vogue magazine, or the kind of wedding that you might see in a movie. Well that was this wedding. It was beautiful; the setting, the decor, the people, everything. I am so glad that we got married last year because this wedding will be one hard act to follow!

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