Monday, June 13, 2011

Savage Beauty

If you are planning to visit New York between now and August 7th I highly recommend a visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art and in particular the exhibition Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty.

Even if you are not a McQueen fan you can not argue that this exhibition isn't hauntingly beautiful. An incredible tailor each piece is perfectly constructed by a highly skilled craftsman. He once said, “Everything I do is based on tailoring.” McQueen’s approach to design combined the precision and traditions of tailoring and patternmaking with the spontaneity and improvisations of draping and dressmaking. It is this ability to blend discipline and impulse, that defines McQueen’s uniqueness. A quality that can't be taught or replicated.

The Savage Beauty exhibition also offers an insight into McQueen's design inspirations. He was incredibly imaginative and innovative. He was passionate about history and politics, being particularly inspired by the Victorian Gothic era of the nineteenth century. He was also very proud of his Scottish heritage, as referenced by the use of his family tartan in some of his most famous designs.

There was so much to see. It was an incredible exhibition and I plan to go back again before it is over. Here is a look at some of my favourite pieces from the exhibition...

Images from The Met Museum

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