Thursday, June 9, 2011

Biking in NYC

Last year Michael decided that he really wanted to get a couple of bikes and ride everywhere in New York. While I was initially hesitant, I agreed, and had lovely visions of casual afternoon rides up and down the Hudson river. 

See, look how nice it is.

Michael was thinking more along the lines of riding through the busy streets of Manhattan, to and from dining  destinations and activities. As someone who rarely left the safety of her backyard bicycle runs (as awesome as they were Matt and Ben), this was something that terrified me. Safe to say, we haven't ridden our bikes very often, as we can never agree on an appropriate time to use them.

It's not only that I am scared of the traffic, particularly the taxis and other cyclists, but I also don't like the idea of rocking up to a museum, cafe, restaurant, or whatever, all sweaty and quite honestly with helmet hair (yes I know, such a girl about it).

But now I have found a solution, or at the very least a kind of compromise. We can bike to picnic locations. It doesn't matter if I am sweaty with flat hair when we are just sitting on a rug with our packed picnic. 

Now it has got me thinking about all kinds of biking accessories to help us transport food, drinks and other picnic needs. Here are some of my favourites...

(Yes, I know I already have one, but this one is so much prettier than mine).

Image Credit: Refinery 29

Wine Carrier
 Image Credit: Etsy

Roll Bag
 Image Credit: Acorn Bags

Rug Holder
 Image Credit: Refinery 29

Aren't they fantastic? Hopefully some of these ideas will get us cycling this year.

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