Friday, March 23, 2012

Belated Birthday Wishes

This week It Started in New York turned one! I seemed to have missed this fact in my jet-lag fog on Wednesday but now I am feeling much more clear headed I thought I better give my blog its dues. I started writing It Started in New York as a way to occupy myself and do something creative. I was never sure where it would lead me, and I'm still not sure where it's going, but I very much enjoy writing it all the same. 

Thank you to you, my lovely readers, for reading my blog over the past year and for all the lovely comments you leave. Some of the kind messages I get honestly make my day, and certainly make continuing to write all the more worthwhile.


  1. Happy 1st birthday "it all started in new york"...I love reading it - always brings a creative highlight to my day

  2. I came across your blog by pure accident ...... Was looking for a image on google and clicked onto a image that you had posted on your blog so it took me straight to your blog! love it and alwya a gret welcome when I wake up in south Africa to my cell phone telling me there is an update xxxx

    1. Thanks so much, your comments are always so kind. I am so glad that you enjoy reading my blog as much as you do!! xo