Monday, March 19, 2012

Back in Town

Images taken from the Highline Park in Chelsea.

Well I am back from two weeks in Australia and I am very sorry for the complete lack of posting in my absence. I went away with the best intentions of posting at least a couple of times each week, but alas, I had too much fun catching up with my friends and family so my blog was left by the wayside!

We were welcomed back into the city yesterday by the most beautiful sunny weather to help lift us out of our jet-lag fog. We had no sleep on the flight back home and I am seriously considering writing a firm letter to Qantas regarding why they think it is okay to serve the equivalent of a least 10 drinks to a woman who was clearly drunk before she even boarded the plane. Not happy.

Anyway, a lovely walk on the Highline helped to bring us back from the brink and it is great to be back in New York City. There are exciting times ahead!

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