Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect

While trawling magazine racks for wedding inspiration that was different from the likes of Brides, Weddings and Contemporary Bride (which were not what I was looking for), I came across a magazine called Real Simple Weddings. It was full of great pictures and practical advice like, what season different flowers bloom, when to book the photographer and how to choose a cake. While flicking through, a subscription notice fell out on my lap (as usually happens, even if you already have a subscription). This was an offer to good to be true, a free twelve-month subscription, just for buying the Wedding issue.

I am on to about my third month of said subscription and I am impressed. Each issue is dedicated to a different topic. One was Spring Cleaning, another Energize Your Life and the most recent Organizing Solutions for Every Room. Real Simple isn't a fashion or a home magazine, but it is a lifestyle magazine, and I like it.

I particularly enjoyed the following pictures I saw in the Energise Your Life edition. The article was titled Perfectly Imperfect and I have now decided that is exactly what I would call my own design philosophy.

Images are from Real Living

An online version of the article can be found here.

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