Sunday, May 15, 2011

New York, A Photo Diary

I have been thinking about our first year in New York a lot lately. It wasn't an easy one. But that being said, sometimes its good to look back and remember all the great things that you have done, rather than dwell on the negatives. It's the good things that you will remember when you are old and grey.

Here is a look back at our time in New York so far...

February 2010
I will never forget this day, it was our second full day in New York and we woke up to snow everywhere. We were not prepared for this kind of weather so we jumped straight in a cab to Paragon Sports and loaded up on snow appropriate shoes and coats. Plus, it was the first time I ever saw snow!

March 2010
By March most of the snow had cleared, although it was still freezing, so we decided to do two days on the Hop-on/Hop-off Bus. We had gotten off way up the top of the East side of the park and it started raining, which meant that all the buses that went past were completely full. So, we walked in the rain and took photos along the way, like this shot outside the Guggenheim Museum.

April 2010
Our first time to the baseball. This was also one of the first mild nights we had, where we didn't need to take a coat. We thoroughly embraced the experience with large beers in plastic cups and hot-dogs for dinner. 
Lets go Yankees!

May 2010
Our first road trip outside of the city for the Memorial Day long weekend. It also coincided with my birthday. How nice to have a long weekend for my birthday! We drove to the very tip of Long Island to a place called Montauk, about half an hour past the Hamptons. This photo was taken after we toured through the Montauk Point Lighthouse, which has been guarding Montauk since 1796.

June 2010
One evening after work (for Michael, not for me), we decided to go up to the Top of the Rock. We had already been up the top of the Empire State Building in our first week and decided to see what the view was like from 30 Rock. I have to say that I think the Top of the Rock view is much better than the Empire State, you actually get to look at the Empire State Building and you get a much better view of Central Park. Plus, the lines move much quicker. If you are only going to do one when you are in New York,  I recommend the Top of the Rock.

July 2010
A hot and humid evening cutting through Central Park. I can't remember what we cutting through the park for, I just know that we only walked through a corner of it. It was a very hot evening and I think it was about to rain.

August 2010
Still being tourists (I don't think we will ever stop) we decided to do the Circle Line Sightseeing Cruise. I highly recommend it. You can do a half-loop or full-loop of the island of Manhattan.

September 2010
At the US Open tennis. It was so freezing cold and windy that when I went for a walk through the stadium to get coffee they had completely sold out, everywhere! Everyone had the same idea I guess. I think it would have also been a great day for the merchandise stands, everyone would leave their seats and come back in big fleecy US Open jumpers.

October 2010
Our first Halloween and we nailed it! Michael especially was a hit, we couldn't go out on the street without people yelling "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice". It was a very funny night, we had a blast. Although I don't think I will ever do the full face paint ever again, that stuff gets everywhere.

November 2010
I almost missed seeing the Fall Foliage all together, so one day I met a friend up at the park and we walked through taking pictures. This was really at the end of the season though, I am sure that it looked much better in  late October, early November. This year I am going to try and do a weekend upstate to fully appreciate this beautiful time of year.

December 2010
Christmas in New York! This was my first Christmas ever where I wasn't in my hometown with my family. Luckily my brother and sister-in-law came to visit so I still had family around. It was Michael and my first Christmas spent together too, we normally spent Christmas with our own family's.
It wasn't a white Christmas but boy did it snow on Boxing day!

January 2011
We started the New Year at a game of NFL, the New York Jets vs the Buffalo Bills (if I remember correctly), thanks to a Christmas present from my bother and sister-in-law. It was another freezing day and the crowd was a little quiet as the Jets were already safe to make the play-off's. 

February 2011
Sorry no photos of this month, at all. It was too cold and miserable to document. The thrill that I felt seeing snow for the first time last year had well and truly worn off.

March 2011
Watching the New York Knicks vs New Jersey Nets. It was a grudge match and a close game, with the Knicks getting over the line 120-116. The first time I went to the basketball I wasn't that impressed but this game certainly made me rethink my stance. It was an exciting game and the crowd really got into it. 
We even had a Jay-Z sighting that night, he is one of the owners of the Nets.

April 2011
Signs of spring finally starting to show up. It took long enough this year. After the longest winter of my life (and even most New Yorker's) it is so nice to see greenery and colour starting to spring up everywhere. It is a beautiful time of year and a great time to be in New York. Restaurants are starting to take their seating outside, people are getting out of their jackets and coats, and there is a renewed energy in the air. I love it.

Which brings us to now, and another hot and exciting summer ahead. 2011 is shaping up to be a much better year and I am excited about what is in store.

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  1. What a trip down memory lane! A fantastic catalogue of our 12mths in NY!