Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beauty Shop Addict

I love going into beauty stores and pharmacies almost as much as I love going to Officeworks or Staples. They are the kinds of places where you are bombarded with new products that you never knew existed. You thought you had tried everything before, but no. Here in front of you is proof that actually, there is more product out there for you to try. Usually this leads to wasting $20 on a cream that makes my skin excessively greasy, but sometimes, success, a new product that has lived up to its claims.

Today I have complied a list of my favourite skin-savers and cosmetics. Some of these I have used for a long time and others are new entires to the list due to the aforementioned new product compulsion.

Top 5 Skin-Savers

1. Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel
I have been using this product for as long as I can remember. While it is not cheap it lasts forever, one pump can cover your whole face and neck. In summer I use this product on it's own with a sunscreen but in winter my skin needs more moisture so I layer a moisturiser on top.

2. Shiseido 'The Skincare' Day Moisture Protection Enriched
This product saved my skin when I first moved to New York. Going from a humid summer in Sydney to snow in New York meant that my skin had big red dry patches that were rough to touch. I tried so many moisturisers and this was the only one that calmed my skin and helped it get back to normal.
I used it again this winter and my skin didn't have any issues.

3. Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm
I have used this hand cream for years. It smells amazing and leaves my dry hands soft and moisturised. My hands can stay a little greasier than I would like but it soaks in much faster than other hand creams I've tried.

4. St. Tropez 'Everyday' Gradual Tan for Body
This is a fairly new product on my list. I needed a bit of colour to help pull me through the last few months of winter, but I didn't want to deal with a regular fake tan. This product produces a gradual, natural colour (that you can control). Plus being a lotion you can rub on as much as you like to ensure an even colour without streaks. It's the lazy girl's fake tan - and perfect for me.

5. Lucas Papaw Ointment
An oldie but a goodie. My Mum used to use this stuff on nappy rash. I use it for chapped lips, dry cuticles, minor burns, as a skin illuminator and whatever else I think of. It is always in my bag.


Top 5 Cosmetics Must-haves

1. Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation
Truely the best foundation I have ever used. It is light, but you can build it up to the coverage you need. It balances out my combination skin, and covers my pesky blackheads (that nothing can get rid of). While it is a powder it doesn't make my skin too matte, instead it is left slightly illuminated. I love my skin when I have this foundation on.

2. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20
Initially, this was an impulse buy at the counter of Sephora (one of my favourite stores in New York), now it has become part of my regular skincare routine. While I am addicted to mineral make-up (see above), when I want a little extra sun or skin protection I use this product. It's not greasy and offers a nice light coverage. Perfect for evening out my skin without looking too made up. It also leaves my skin looking dewy not greasy.

3. Diorshow Mascara
After not having used this mascara for a few years, instead buying cheaper 'drug-store' mascaras, I don't think I will give up on it again, ever. It is smooth and silky, glides onto my lashes and stays there. I have long eyelashes that are quite fine which means that if a mascara isn't right I can end up looking like I have spiders legs on my eyes. This mascara offers the perfect blend of thickening and lengthening for my eyes. I love it.

4. Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick in Blase Apricot
I have never had so many compliments on a lipstick colour. It is the perfect orangey/coral lip colour for spring. I have been enjoying embracing bright lipstick lately and this one is definitely a favourite. The compliments help too! 

5. Mac Fix+
This is a product that I don't use all that often, but I could never completely live without. It helps to set your make up and for me, that means my face lasts a lot longer. I use it when I am getting really dressed up to go out (say to a wedding or fancy night out) so that I know my make-up won't need touching up as the day/night wears on. It stops my face from running and helps keep shine at bay.

What are some of the beauty products you can't live without?

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