Friday, January 6, 2012

My Favourite Trips in 2011

I thought I would round out the first week of 2012 by looking back at my four favourites holidays from the past year. Even with the wedding back home in Australia, we still managed to get to some beautiful locations including Boston, Martha's Vineyard, Mexico, London and Sao Paulo. But, my favourite trips were to extra special locations that will stay with me for a very long time. Here they are in the order that we visited them in...

Los Angeles, March 2011
I tagged along on one of Michael's work trips to LA and I seriously feel in love with the place. I know that living in New York I am not supposed to say that about the other coast, but I seriously could move there tomorrow. It helps that we got to stay at the amazing Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica, and while Michael was working I got to enjoy the amazing views from our room as well as take walks along the Santa Monica beach front. We hired a car for the weekend (you need one in LA) and spent a day cruising around Malibu and another around Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills. I am just waiting for another excuse to get back over there.

Cost Rica, July 2011
We are famous for last minute holiday bookings and this trip was no exception. We decided that instead of staying in New York for the Fourth of July long weekend, we would jet off to Costa Rica (and unlike some of our other last minute disasters) we didn't regret our decision. We stayed at the gorgeous Hotel Punta Islita (which came highly recommended by a couple of friends). It certainly wasn't cheap, especially given the last minute nature of our booking, but we think it was worth every penny. We had five heavenly days of relaxation, sun and swimming - my favourite things.

Montana, September 2011
We were lucky enough to be invited by a couple of friends to visit them in Montana, which I wrote about here. What an amazing place, we saw so many animals and wildlife, stunning scenery and had a great weekend with a great group of people. There isn't much else I can say except that if you ever get the chance - go there, you won't regret it.

Kauai, October 2011
This beautiful Hawaiian island makes the list not only because it was the location for our honeymoon, but also because it is such a stunning part of the world. Kauai is a far less touristy island than the likes of Oahu and Maui, but is is certainly not without it's creature comforts. We spent an amazing ten nights at the Koa Kea resort, which we felt was the perfect, laid back yet beautiful resort to spend our time. Kauai is a great place to soak up the sun, drink delicious cocktails, get active and spot plenty of marine life. It truly is a heavenly place that I hope to get back to one day.

I hope we get to some equally beautiful locations this year!

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