Thursday, January 19, 2012

Merge, Purge and Compromise

I loved this article I found searching for old images from Domino Magazine. It reminded me of when Michael and I first moved in together while we were still dating. We disagreed on just about everything when if came to the placement of furniture, artwork and odds and ends in our apartment. We even argued about which order the cutlery should go in the drawer. Clearly neither one of us wanted to cave. Working in fashion, obsessed with home interiors and a perfectionist (and possible control freak) I believed that the way I wanted things was what looked best, but eventually I realised that we needed to compromise because it wasn't just my home any more.

That was several years ago now and I am happy to say that our styles and taste have become much more aligned. We don't have the silent power struggle of where the {insert object} should be placed on the shelf any more, or at least not as often. You know, when you put an object on a shelf and leave the room only to return and find it moved. You move it back, he moves it again, and the cycle goes on and on until one of you caves (which in this instance is never me).

Anyway, silly memories aside, I am also very much in love with what the couple in the article (he's a theater and film director and she's a magazine journalist who covers fashion) have done with their one bedroom apartment. I love everything about it from the white walls, pale floorboards, interesting artwork, large bookshelves and colourful textiles. This is definitely a interior style that I can replicate in my own little one bedroom in New York. Let's hope the hubby agrees!

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