Thursday, February 9, 2012

IFB Conference

Yesterday I went to the IFB Conference at Milk Studio's in New York. I still consider myself a newbie at the blogging game, so thought I would take advantage of this fabulous event to hear from women and men who are killing it in the blogosphere. I am not hoping to be the next big blogger but I do have big dreams for my emerging business plans, and loved hearing about how my blog can help me build my brand and it's identity. Lets just say, I am very excited about the future.

There were so many stylish and fabulous people at the conference. I am so inspired about new ways to work my wardrobe based on what the other girls were wearing. As for what I wore: a charcoal blazer, blush-coloured blouse and red jeans. I have to admit that when I heard it might snow if the afternoon, I reached for the ankle boots instead of the pumps pictured above. I mean, fashion is important to me, but not enough to get frostbitten toes. Also, I am so excited that I was twice asked to be photographed in my red jeans. It's dorky to admit but it gave be such a thrill! I hope their shots were better than the trial shot I took of my outfit the night before.

Update: you can see more (and better) images of my outfit here, here and here!

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  1. Wow! That sounds amazing! I'd love to attend an IFB conference. They'd be mad not to have asked to take a photo of you in your look. It's gorgeous! Love red jeans. Glad you were inspired by the event. xoxo