Tuesday, August 9, 2011


There once was a time not all that long ago when I despised animal print. I never understood the widespread appeal that it seemed to have. Then I found a pair of pony hair ballet flats on a work trip a couple of years ago, and I had to have them. I couldn't explain it, I had previously stated that I would never wear animal print - especially leopard - and here I was buying a pair of pony hair flats, in leopard.

Then, last year I purchased a sweater that featured a grey and pink leopard print. It is one of my favourites when the temperature drops, I wear it often. I also purchased a leather jacket because I liked the leopard lining poking out under the cuffs. And I still wear my flats. And now, I find myself wanting many different items in leopard for fall...

J.Crew shirt, scarf, sunglasses and belt, Steven by Steve Madden loafers

I guess the moral of the story is never say never.

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  1. I was exactly the same in regards to animal prints but now can't get enough of them!!! Great pics. xox