Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flower Arranging

I have always loved flowers. I can remember when I was (much) younger I used to pick all sorts of flowers and arrange them, thinking I was a florist. I can actually remember that for a time, I thought I might like to be a florist. Sometimes I still think it would be a great business to have.

Now that I am planning a wedding, flowers have been on my radar more than usual. I have had to learn the names of some of my favourites (that I can never remember), and what time of year they bloom. There are so many gorgeous colours to choose from, it has been hard to decide on what I want. All I know for certain is that there will be an abundance of flowers on the tables.

Here are some of my favourite flowers, not just for the wedding, these are the flowers I like to buy and keep in my apartment too.

Season: winter, spring
Colour: white, pink, red, orange, yellow
The tight buds can fill in bigger flowers, but the blooms can also be full and showy.

Image Credit: Style Me Pretty

Season: summer, fall
Colour: white, pink, green, blue, purple
Oversize blooms look bountiful with no filler.

Image Credit: Style Me Pretty

Season: spring
Colour: white, pink, red
A beautiful flower, whether in a large bunch or just a few, they look fluffy and lush.

Image Credit: Wedding Flowers

Season: year-round
Colour: white, pink, green, purple
These full stems have several blooms, or you can cut off the flowers for tighter bunches.

Season: summer, fall
Colour: white, pink, red, orange, yellow, purple
These big fluffy flowers make a great impact.
Season: winter, spring
Colour: white, pink, red, purple
These live up to their name with their sweet smell.

Image Credit: Style Me Pretty

I love that in New York you can buy gorgeous fresh flowers at almost every street corner. They are cheap and cheerful, and a sure-fire way to put me in a better mood.

What are your favourite flowers?

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