Friday, April 6, 2012


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I have been really loving the relaxed, cropped and distressed jeans I have been seeing since fashion week in New York. So inspired I have been, that I decided to turn my old boyfriend jeans (that I rarely wear out of the house) into a pair. I am really pleased with the results and feel like I have given an old pair of jeans a new life and maybe another season in my wardrobe.

I made my version in four easy steps:

1. Measure how long you want your jeans to be. I determined this based on where I thought the length was the most flattering on my ankle (as I don't have a very defined ankle to begin with). Then mark the length with a ruler to ensure you have a straight line.

2. Using fabric scissors, cut at the line you have just marked. 

3. Using a wire brush (I used a suede brush), brush the edge of the cut hem to loosen some of the threads and create a distressed look. There are so many other ways to do this that you can find on Google, but I like the frayed edge to be not too extreme so this gave me the perfect amount of distressing.

4. Trim the frayed edges to your desired length. Again, I don't like the frayed edge to be to too extreme, so I left about 1cm of frayed edge at the end.

You're now ready to wear!

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