Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Travelling Along

I love to travel and living in New York means that I am that much closer to the rest of the world than I was back home in Australia. I want to make the most of this by doing as much travel as possible. Last year, I hardly travelled at all. This year I plan to see much more of the United States. I am embarrassed to say that the only other cities I have visited are Chicago, Boston and LA. While I love each of these places, there are so many more I want to see. New Orleans is at the top of my list, then San Francisco, Miami, Austin, The Carolina's, Montana, Colorado, the list is endless. Any other suggestions?

New Orleans French Quarter
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As well as travlelling domestically through the U.S, I also want to see more of the world. That's why I'm loving my new passport wallet from Kate Spade. It is the perfect accessory to not only travel chic, but it also protects my passport, which I plan on giving a beating over the next couple of years.

Kate Spade, Harrison Street Metallic Passport Holder, $65.00

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  1. Hi Kate

    I love your blog!

    Some other great travel destinations in US for me include, Colorado and the amazing natural surroundings, Washington, Niagara Falls, and the Grand Canyon just to name a few!

    Keep the posts coming